Chronically Healthy


Cofounded Chronically Healthy, a chronic illness community and platform for practical advice.


My cofounder has lived with autoimmune diseases for most of her life, and became a Holistic Health Coach to be able to help others in similar situations.


I created the website and brand, as well as generate written and visual content for both digital and print.

Logo design


Mimicking a heartbeat, the mark symbolizes a way of life for those with a chronic illness; healthy habits are vital and foundational building blocks for not just getting by, but also reaching big goals.



Designed a comfy clothing line for chronic illness fighters.

Meditative drawing helps to calm anxious feelings.

Wear your drawing as a reminder to check in with yourself and stay mindful.

WEB design & CONTENT


Designed and built using Squarespace. Created all assets, and continue to write content and take photos.

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